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Sasha Kurmaz
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Going down. 14” x 10 1/2”
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John Beech, Cluster Coated Drawing #2 2006.
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Takato Yamamoto
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I’ve begun silently fighting back against jerks on the subway who sit as spread out as possible. Basically I match your stance.
This guy was sitting on the train with his knees splayed and his hands on the seat to either side of him. So I slowly backed up into the seat next to him forcing him to either move his hand or have me sit on it. Then I spread my knees equally wide and stuck my elbows out just as far.
It’s amazing how uncomfortable this makes men.
Eventually he closed his knees more (so I closed mine.) The ladies across from me noticed this silent warfare and were slightly confused. When he finally got off the train and I sat like a “lady” they realized what I did and grinned at me.
Yep. This is my new thing to do on the subway.

ur a little rebel i like u

pssst hey You know why most guys sit like that?It’s a body language signal known as a “crotch display” and it’s used to show dominance/confidence. This is why guys get uncomfortable when women do this, and also why women are told to sit “like a lady” - basically, without the crotch display. When women do it, they’re telling all the dudes that they’re either stronger or on equal standing with them. 
So I say right on, ladies! Go for it. 
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Egyptian Mermaid 
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entrecomics: (Yoshikazu Ebisu)
Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ll choke you with the same hand I fed you with. — Anonymous (via palmist)

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R. Crumb
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Symphonia Ix (My Wait Is U) by Grimes